Profiles in "Econometrics" Expertise Area

  • Seung C. (Min) Ahn's main research areas are panel data analysis, empirical asset pricing models, and factor models.
  • Swindell focuses on community and economic development, especially public financing of sports facilities, contribution of sports facilities to urban space economic development, service delivery and citizen satisfaction.
  • Lily Hsueh is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics at Arizona State University. She is Visiting Scholar at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University.
  • Seth Pruitt's research focuses on asset pricing, macroeconomics, and econometrics.
  • Kapstein is an Arizona Centennial Professor of International Affairs and senior director for research at the McCain Institute for International Leadership in Washington D.C
  • Stuart Bretschneider retired in 2021 an is now an Emeritus Foundation Professor of organization design and public administration at Arizona State University‚Äôs School of Public Affairs.
  • Responsible Sourcing; Supply Chain Financing; Social Justice