Profiles in "Fieldwork" Expertise Area

  • Stromberg is a plant ecologist and botanist who specializes in riparian and wetland ecosystems.
  • Bang is an ecologist, teaching associate professor, and photographer. While his main focus is teaching in person and online, his research interests are urban ecology with an emphasis on plants and insects.
  • Hosman holds a joint appointment in the School for the Future of Innovation and Society and the Polytechnic School. Her work is action-oriented, focusing on information and communication technology for development.
  • Martins studies behavioral evolution by mapping the ancient history of lizard communication in the southwestern US and by studying how sensory systems impact social behavior in the biomedically-important zebrafish.
  • Lee's current research focuses on how Hmong living in the diaspora have maintained extensive kinship networks and various cultural and economic practices across national borders.
  • Andrew Zipkin is an archaeological scientist and analytical chemist who specializes in the application of geochemical and computational science methods to questions about mobility, networks, and trade in prehistory.
  • Upham is an eco-evolutionary biologist with core interests in how species ecologies have diversified through time and across the tree of life. He studies the phylogenetic ecology of wild mammals, especially desert rodents.