Profiles in "The Built Environment" Expertise Area

  • Pavlic works in interdisciplinary decision-making problems in natural and artificial autonomous systems. He was the founding associate director of research for The Biomimicry Center at ASU.
  • Dr. Adams is a behavioral scientist and epidemiologist with a background in psychology, behavioral sciences, and public health.
  • Phil’s international career and leadership experience has spanned the fields of system dynamics, 3D analytic and visualization systems, management consulting and analytic services and urban design, He is CEO of ORBIS Dynamics (
  • Sailor’s research integrates urban planning, geography, climate, and engineering to understand the causes, effects, and potential for mitigation of extreme heat and poor air quality in cities.
  • Hamilton applies an interdisciplinary approach to quantify pathogenic microorganism in environmental media using multiple culture-based and molecular biology methods, and develops risk models.