Profiles in "Equity, Justice and Sustainability" Expertise Area

  • Lara-Valencia's major areas of inquiry include socio-environmental vulnerability, urban health, regional development, binational planning, and the role of community networks on sustainable development.
  • Ferry's research is centered on questions relating to the evolution of jaws and their function in the aquatic realm, as well as the performance of skeletal materials such as cartilage.
  • Dr. Selin invents and investigates methodologies for making sense of change. By creating new approaches and concepts for better understanding uncertainty, her work cultivates strategic foresight and improved innovation.
  • Meunier is a Registered Architect in both the United Kingdom and the United States. He is also an educator who has held both teaching and administrative positions at Cambridge, Cincinnati, and Arizona State universities.
  • Hall is an ecologist and conservation scientist who studies connections between people and the environment. She is the faculty lead for the Conservation Bio & Ecology degree program and an award-winning teacher in her field.
  • Klinsky's work has continually centered around the justice dilemmas presented by climate change and climate change policy design.
  • Darlene Cavalier is a professor of practice at ASU's School for the Future of Innovation in Society, the founder of SciStarter and Science Cheerleaders, and co-founder of She's the author of three books.