Profiles in "Mobility and Belonging" Expertise Area

  • Warriner is a linguistic anthropologist of education who uses ethnographic methods to examine the educational, social, political, economic, and ideological dimensions of immigration and transnationalism.
  • Bixby's research addresses Irish studies, modernist studies, postcolonial theory and criticism, Continental philosophy, and issues of travel, mobility, and the body.
  • Sarat's work explores the intersection of religion and migration in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, with special attention to ways in which people draw upon religion to formulate notions of belonging and confront challenges.
  • Lim is an associate professor of History at ASU. Trained in history and law, she focuses on immigration, borders, and race.
  • Jamme explores issues of equitable access to opportunities from a global comparative perspective. Her research interests include urban theory, socio-spatial justice, mobilities, public space, TOD, and affordable housing.