Profiles in "Computational Astrophysics" Expertise Area

  • Bowman is an astrophysicist. His research focuses on the formation of structure in the early universe. He also develops astronomical instrumentation and investigates the use of technology in informal science learning.
  • Starrfield is a computational astrophysicist and an ASU Regents Professor of astrophysics who studies stellar explosions using a Lagrangian, hydrodynamic, fully implicit, stellar evolution computer code.
  • Justin studies astrophysics at the School of Earth and Space Exploration, investigating direct imaging of debris disks and substellar companions around other stars.
  • Astronomer and planetary scientist working on the formation and evolution of planetary systems. SESE Exploration Fellow
  • Vydula is a fourth-year Ph.D student working with Dr. Judd Bowman in the Low-frequency Cosmology Lab. She is interested in studying Epoch of Reionization & Cosmic Dawn.