Profiles in "Planetary Geoscience" Expertise Area

  • Mikhail Zolotov is a planetary geochemist. He uses physical-chemical methods to understand chemical processes and mineralogical changes in solar system environments that involve rocks, gases, and fluids.
  • David A. Williams is a planetary geologist who studies volcanoes and volcanic deposits throughout the Solar System. He makes geologic maps planets, moons, and asteroids in support of NASA flight missions.
  • Jim Bell is an astronomer, planetary scientist, author, and educator. His research focuses on the geology, mineralogy, and geochemistry of planets, moons, asteroids, and comets. He also directs the ASU NewSpace Initiative.
  • Craig Hardgrove is a planetary scientist who studies the Moon, Mars, and asteroids using nuclear remote sensing datasets to determine water and ice abundance and evolution. Hardgrove is PI of the LunaH-Map cubesat mission.
  • Steve Ruff is a planetary geologist with a focus on the mineralogy of Mars determined via infrared spectroscopy, part of an effort to understand its geologic history and potential for past habitability.
  • Desch is a professor of astrophysics in the School of Earth and Space Exploration. His research is in star and planet formation, meteoritics, exoplanets, and astrobiology.
  • Hodges is a transdisciplinary scientist with a broad array of research interests, including the evolution and origin of mountain ranges, the tempo of meteorite impact in the Solar System, and human-robotic exploration.
  • Kelin Whipple is a geomorphologist interested in the interactions among climate, topography, and tectonics. His research integrates field, experimental, remote sensing, and numerical approaches.