Profiles in "Modern American History" Expertise Area

  • Stevens is an instructor of history with research interests in U.S. history.
  • Research and teaching interests in immigration history, Mexican American history, and demography.
  • Hirt is a historian specializing in the American West, environmental history, environmental policy, and sustainability studies.
  • Enloe began teaching at ASU in 2001, and continues to teach a wide variety of online history courses with an emphasis on social and cultural issues within American History.
  • Ruggles teaches courses in U.S. and world history and writes about culture and politics.
  • Tebeau is an urban, public and digital historian who studies landscape, place, and historical memory; he's written about risk, cities, and monuments; he possesses expertise in digital curation, oral history and public memory.
  • Jones is a historian of energy, economics, and environment. He has published on the dynamics of energy transitions and is currently researching the history of economic theories of growth.