Profiles in "Race and Gender Politics" Expertise Area

  • El Hamel's research focuses mainly on issues of power/class, slavery, race/ethnicity, gender and social justice.
  • Founded by Professor Scott, CGEST is a one-of-a-kind research unit focused on exploring, identifying, and creating innovative scholarship about underrepresented women and girls in STEM.
  • Switzer's interdisciplinary research combines several fields including critical girlhood studies, critical development and globalization studies, transnational feminist theory and feminist methods.
  • Jenny Brian's research explores the intersections of politics, ethics, technoscience and business.
  • Rachel Fedock earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from CUNY Graduate Center. Her research interest include ethics, feminist ethics, Black feminism, abolition, gender, race, moral psychology, the philosophy of love, and care.
  • Dove-Viebahn's diverse interests include television and contemporary film; gender, race, sexuality and representation in popular culture; community formation; and the role of the spectator in our digital age.
  • Funk's research focuses on gender representation, local governance, international public management and government performance.
  • Joslin's interdisciplinary research on African literature and film combine aesthetic theories of representation and socio-cultural interpretations of texts in order to reimagine global discourses within a humanistic framework.