Profiles in "Land Use Change" Expertise Area

  • Wu is a Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Sustainability Science at Arizona State University. His research areas include: landscape ecology, urban ecology, and sustainability science.
  • Van der Leeuw was awarded the "Champion of the Earth for Science and Innovation" prize by the United Nations Environment Program in 2012. He joined ASU in 2003.
  • Milan Shrestha is Senior Lecturer at ASU. His current research projects focus on disaster risks and vulnerability in mountains, urban-rural linkages of land system change, and food and agricultural systems.
  • Enrique R. Vivoni is the Fulton Professor of Hydrosystems Engineering in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment and the Director of the Center for Hydrologic Innovations at Arizona State University.
  • Aldrich served ASU as a faculty member at ASU from 1969 to 2000. He pioneered the field of GIS at ASU, acquiring the university’s first geographic information systems software and developing coursework in this area.
  • Matthew Toro is a broadly trained geographer serving as the director of maps, imagery, and geospatial services at ASU Library. He oversees the Map and Geospatial Hub. It’s a traditional library-based map collection fused with a modern GIS center.
  • Junyu Lu's research interests are mainly in the area of climate change and adaptation, sustainability, agricultural community engagement, and parks & protected areas. He integrates advanced quantitative methodologies into his research.
  • Clanahan's research primarily focuses on regional and intergovernmental planning, rural planning, federal planning, planning law, policy analysis in planning, and community development