Profiles in "Mammalogy" Expertise Area

  • John Lynch's teaching interests include history of science, medical humanities, & Ancient Greece (in particular drama). He also advises pre-health students.
  • Hinde investigates the food, medicine, and signal of mother's milk and impact on babies at the intersection of social, life, and medical sciences.
  • Rebecca Fisher's primary appointment is at the UA COM-Phoenix, where she designed the anatomy curriculum. Fisher studies the functional anatomy and evolution of the musculoskeletal system in vertebrates and cephalopods.
  • With a research emphasis in applied ecology, Lewis' research incorporates the principles of wildlife biology, landscape ecology, and conservation biology.
  • Upham is an eco-evolutionary biologist with core interests in how species ecologies have diversified through time and across the tree of life. He studies the phylogenetic ecology of wild mammals, especially desert rodents.
  • Matthew Jones is a paleontologist interested in understanding the origins and early radiation of the major groups of placental mammals. He studies the evolution, diversification, and biogeography of mammals during the early Cenozoic.