Profiles in "Refugee Studies" Expertise Area

  • Larson's work primary focuses on human and regional geography, including work studying refugee populations in Central America.
  • Eugene Judson has broad experience in science education, educational policy, and school improvement. His research focuses on educational policies and their effects on STEM education in K-12 and higher education environments.
  • Dr. Androff is an internationally recognized scholar in the areas of human rights, social development, and global social work.
  • Klimek‚Äôs research agenda is related to issues of cultural diversity, specifically refugees and immigrants, as well as international social work.
  • Matthew has over 15 years of experience in program evaluation. He has worked with the Administration for Native Americans, Peace Corps, and is currently working in ASU's Education for Humanity program.
  • Hussain's research interests include grassroots digital innovations for refugees, information and communication technology for sustainable development, inclusive digital afterlife ecosystem and women empowerment.
  • Dr. Wachter's goal is to generate applied research for local, national, and international practitioners and policy makers to alleviate the psychosocial consequences of forced migration and violence against women.