Profiles in "Biophysics" Expertise Area

  • Woodbury is a professor in the School of Molecular Sciences and co-founder of the company HealthTell. His research ranges from protein dynamics to immunosignaturing and photosynthetic systems.
  • Marcia Levitus' research group focuses on the development and application of state-of-the-art techniques of single molecule detection.
  • Blain Christen's research includes bio-compatible integration techniques for CMOS electronics; microfluidics, non-traditional microfabrication; MEMS devices/bio-MEMS; bioelectronics focused on analog and neuromorphic design.
  • Jeff Yarger primary research interests are in biophysical chemistry, nano-materials and the general field of disordered or amorphous materials.
  • Ros is a faculty member of SMS and the Center for Applied Structural Discovery at ASU's Biodesign Institute. Her current research interests include bioanlalytics in the micro- and nanoenvironment.
  • The aim of all of Thorpe's research is to find underlying topological and structural principles and unifying concepts. He is currently visiting Professor of Physics at Oxford University part of the year ( through 2018).
  • Vaiana has a research background in soft condensed matter physics applied to biological systems. Her research is driven by an interest in fundamental theoretical aspects of proteins as biological systems.
  • Sean Seyler is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the Department of Physics and Center for Biological Physics at ASU. He joined Steve PressĂ©'s lab in 2018 after receiving his PhD in Physics at ASU under Oliver Beckstein.
  • Frasch has developed new assays to examine the rotation of single molecules of molecular motor proteins under a microscope.