Profiles in "Marine" Expertise Area

  • Ferry's research is centered on questions relating to the evolution of jaws and their function in the aquatic realm, as well as the performance of skeletal materials such as cartilage.
  • Neuer is a biological oceanographer and plankton ecologist and studies the oceanic carbon cycle, particularly the role of plankton organisms in uptake and sequestration of anthropogenic carbon dioxide.
  • Lekelia “Kiki” Jenkins, studies the human dimensions of marine technologies to create sustainable ocean uses and the role of science dance in science communication. She has won numerous awards for her work.
  • Dr. Saul's research interests include using quantitative tools and a systems-based approach to support natural resource management.
  • With the integration of BIOS with Arizona State University, Blanco-Bercial became an assistant professor in the School of Ocean Futures and the School of Life Sciences.
  • Krista Jaspers is Communications Manager for the Pacific RISA / NOAA Climate Adaptation Partnership (RISA/CAP) team based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.