Profiles in "Kinesiology" Expertise Area

  • Ringenbach heads the Sensorimotor Development Research Lab, which is currently investigating Assisted Cycle Therapy (ACT) and its effects on motor, cognitive, physical and mental health.
  • Tannah is the Faculty Facilitator for Teaching and Learning Excellence in the College of Health Solutions and Principal Lecturer in Kinesiology.
  • As members of the kinesiology program, Hoffner and her colleagues take pride in developing challenging, relevant courses that utilize many different evidence-based pedagogical styles and methods.
  • Kevin is a liaison librarian at ASU on the Downtown Phoenix Campus and assists faculty, students, and staff with their research and literature searching needs.
  • Ofori is interested in using multimodal neuroimaging techniques to discover early diagnostic and progression markers for subtypes of dementia, parkinsonism, and neuropathies.