Profiles in "Muscles" Expertise Area

  • Christos Katsanos’ Laboratory employs infusion of stable isotope tracers together with muscle biopsies to study the expression and regulation of muscle fiber types in people with obesity and pre-Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Alan Rawls is the Executive Director of Clinical Partnerships in the Office of the University Provost and Associate Professor of Genomics, Evolution and Bioinformatics in the School of Life Sciences.
  • Wilson-Rawls' research focuses on understanding the regulation of cell fate during development and regeneration with an emphasis on skeletal muscle stem cells and gametogenesis.
  • Dr. Fisher studies the functional anatomy of vertebrates and cephalopods and the use of artificial intelligence, XR, and other emerging technologies in medical education.
  • Hyatt's recent work has centered on the dietary supplement, resveratrol, a naturally occurring plant compound associated with the benefits of red wine consumption.
  • Director, Military and Veteran Resilience and Health Innovation Collaborative (MVRHIC) Program Director, MS Strength and Conditioning