Profiles in "Phylogenetics" Expertise Area

  • Cartwright is a geneticist who develops computational and statistical methodologies to explore evolutionary questions.
  • Pigg is a paleobotanist who studies fossil plants that are related to modern groups of conifers, ferns and woody hardwood trees. Her group studies the origin of plants of the temperate deciduous biome.
  • Martin Wojciechowski is an evolutionary biologist who studies plants, with an emphasis on the genomics, biogeography, ecology, and phylogenetics of legumes (family Leguminosae) and cacti (family Cactaceae).
  • Gadau is a behavioral ecologist and evolutionary biologist who focuses on understanding the genetic and genomic basis of speciation and species differences.
  • Gile is an evolutionary microbiologist who studies single-celled eukaryotes (protists) and symbiosis.
  • Rabeling is an evolutionary biologist who studies the speciation mechanisms and biological diversity of ants, as well as the evolutionary ecology of symbiotic interactions between ants and other organisms.
  • Dasarathy's research interests span topics in machine learning, statistics, signal processing and networked systems, and information theory.