Profiles in "Neurorehabilitation" Expertise Area

  • Abbas is the director of the Center for Adaptive Neural Systems. His research interests are in applications of neural engineering techniques and technology in the area of medical rehabilitation.
  • Krishnamurthi's main research interests include developing therapeutic interventions to preserve function (mobility and quality of life) in aging population, improve/restore function with neurological disorders.
  • Lockhart’s research and publications concern the identification of injury mechanisms and quantification of sensorimotor deficits and movement disorders associated with aging and neurological disorders on fall accidents.
  • Gallagher's research focuses on the impact of service-related conditions on higher-order cognitive processes in military veterans.
  • Xin Luo's research focuses on the basic mechanisms of pitch perception in acoustic and electric hearing to develop novel sound processing strategies that can enhance speech and music perception for cochlear implant users.
  • Schaefer's research aims to improve neurorehabilitation in older adults by studying how aging and cognitive impairment affect motor skill learning, and different memory systems in the context of dementia.