Profiles in "Intermedia" Expertise Area

  • Arina Melkozernova is an instructional professional and a PhD Candidate at ASU. Her research on foodways, biosemiotics and resilience brings Humanities, art, science, and non-Western knowledges together.
  • Moon combines various forms of art and technology to create works that encourage meaningful interactions between humans and devices. This includes music compositions/performances, interactive installations and digital art.
  • Ellsworth is an artist, educator, and walker. She is the founding director of the Museum of Walking.
  • Villegas-Silva’s primary areas of research are modern and contemporary theater, performance and visual cultural, and theoretical practices of the Americas and Iberia.
  • Artist, Gregory Sale brings together often opposed constituencies of the criminal justice system. He recently completed Future IDs at Alcatraz (2018-19) for the iconic prison turned National Park in San Francisco Bay.
  • Jesse Ortiz serves as an academic advisor to undergraduate students within the Department of English.
  • Magenta is a visual artist working in new media genres of computer art, installation, multimedia performance as well as video and sculpture.
  • Mikey Foster Estes (he/they) is Galleries Director for the School of Art within Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.