Profiles in "Linguistics - Research Methodology" Expertise Area

  • Most of James work is with the MA and PhD programs in linguistics and applied linguistics, master's and certificate programs in TESOL, and BA (linguistics major).
  • Turker teaches courses on Korean language and Korean linguistics as well as general linguistics courses.
  • SturtzSreetharan's interests center on language as social action. Her current project, "the everyday language of body/weight stigma," investigates how people make sense of their bodies as revealed in their language use.
  • Gradoville teaches Spanish linguistics courses. His research interests include usage-based linguistic theory, sociophonetics, corpus linguistics, research methodology, and variation and change.
  • Lima teaches linguistics and composition in the Department of English.
  • Lutfi Hussein teaches linguistics in the Department of English. His research interests include discourse analysis, multimodal discourse, and applied linguistics.
  • Torres is an applied sociolinguist who uses quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyze spoken and written discourses concerning health issues—including policies, medical interactions, opioids, and access inequities.