Profiles in "Social Demography" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Dina Ziganshina Lienhard received her PhD in Biology (Biology & Society) from ASU in 2023 and currently works as the Senior Program Manager at the School of Complex Adaptive Systems at ASU.
  • Yellow Horses' research focuses on understanding how larger social forces "get under skin" to generate health inequities for racialized and minoritized peoples.
  • Cassandra Cotton is a family demographer whose work investigates family dynamics and kinship in sub-Saharan Africa, and romance and dating among older adults in the US.
  • Sheehan is pioneering the intersection of sociology and sleep, employing quantitative methods to unravel the intricate interplay between social determinants and lifelong sleep patterns as well as other health outcomes.
  • Xing Zhang is a public policy demographer. Her research focuses on the role of parent-child relationships in shaping young adult health from adolescence to adulthood.