Profiles in "Archaeology" Expertise Area

  • Smith is an archaeologist who research interests include the Aztecs, Teotihuacan, ancient and modern cities (planning, neighborhoods, scaling), and transdisciplinary social science research.
  • In addition to Southwest U.S. fieldwork, Kintigh's research focuses on digital repositories, synthesis, and the use of quantitative methods in archaeology.
  • Peeples is an archaeologist whose work focuses on regional synthesis and the application of network science methods and models to archaeological data, primarily in the U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest.
  • Barton is a complex systems scientist who combines anthropology, archaeology, earth science, and information technologies to study long-term dynamics and interactions of people and landscapes in the Anthropocene.
  • Redman is in the School of Sustainability and the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. His interests include human impacts on the environment, sustainable landscapes, rapidly urbanizing regions, urban ecology.
  • Astor-Aguilera specializes in Mesoamerican religions and currently conducts holistic interdisciplinary ethnographic investigations of cenote-sinkholes and their associated religious ritual production amongst the Maya peoples.
  • Stotts received her doctorate in cultural anthropology from ASU in 2016 with a focus on water scarcity issues and solutions.
  • Simon's interests include the study of prehistoric social organization and craft production through technological and compositional analysis of ceramics and other artifacts; materials science; and quantitative methods.
  • Baker is a bioarchaeologist with extensive field experience in Egypt, Sudan, Cyprus and the U.S. Her research integrates archaeology and biological anthropology to investigate the lifeways and health status of past people.