Profiles in "Global Health and Medical Anthropology" Expertise Area

  • Martin's research interests focus on medical anthropology, the interrelations of power and economics with biology and Type II Diabetes.
  • Merbs' interests lie in physical anthropology: Human Osteology, Disease Ecology and Forensic Anthropology.
  • Dr. Hruschka studies culture change and the relationship between culture and behavior. His two main research questions focus on how we stay healthy in diverse social environments and how humans cooperate.
  • Maupin directs the Community Health and Medical Anthropology Field School in Guatemala through the School of Human Evolution and Social Change.
  • Hinde investigates the food, medicine, and signal of mother's milk and impact on babies at the intersection of social, life, and medical sciences.
  • Dr. Michelle Villegas-Gold is the Director of Research Strategy and Lead for Health and Clinical Research in the Office of the Vice President of Research.
  • Koss studies sociocultural anthropology: medicine and spirituality, and ethnographic research.
  • Hurtado's current research includes mortality reduction mechanisms in humans with emphasis on cultural niche construction.