Profiles in "Geometry and Topology" Expertise Area

  • Kawski develops, and employs, tools from differential geometry and algebraic combinatorics to study nonlinear control systems.
  • Paupert's research is in geometry and topology; more precisely he studies tessellations and their symmetry groups in hyperbolic geometry.
  • Wang's research interests include medical imaging, computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, geometric modeling, and statistical pattern recognition.
  • Kotschwar's research is in the area of geometric analysis, at the intersection of the fields of differential geometry and partial differential equations.
  • Dianne Hansford is an Assistant Teaching Professor in SCAI. Dianne's research interests are in the fields of geometric modeling and scientific visualization. She has co-authored three books in these areas.
  • Hines is a mathematician whose work includes operator algebras, noncommutative algebraic topology, and topological dynamical systems.