Profiles in "Violence, Conflict and Human Rights" Expertise Area

  • Wright's primary research interests include international conflict and security, civil conflict, state repression and human rights, and international international peacekeeping.
  • Prof. Bruner's research engages the history of religion, violence, photography, and ethnography. He is currently engaged in a variety of community-based projects in the desert Southwest of the United States.
  • Rothenberg is the co-director of the Center on the Future of War, working on human rights, international law, and conflict.
  • Kubiak a professor of practice at the Future Security Initiative at ASU, and an International Security Program Fellow at New America. He is a retired Air Force colonel having served more than 26 years on active duty.
  • Joslin's interdisciplinary research on African literature and film combine aesthetic theories of representation and socio-cultural interpretations of texts in order to reimagine global discourses within a humanistic framework.
  • Brown is the director of ASU’s Melikian Center. His research and teaching focus on the Western Balkans in global context.
  • Lundin focuses his studies on religion and narrative. Of particular interest to him are Abrahamic sociotheologies. He received his BA in Religious Studies from ASU and his MA in Religion and the Arts from Yale University.
  • Dr. Wachter's goal is to generate applied research for local, national, and international practitioners and policy makers to alleviate the psychosocial consequences of forced migration and violence against women.