Profiles in "Latin American History" Expertise Area

  • Trained as a historian of Latin America (M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University) with a background in economics (B.A. from Swarthmore College), I have diverse interests in food, drugs, commodities, capitalism, business, and ethnohistory.
  • Niebuhr's interests including global studies, travel history, languages, military studies, and diplomacy of the modern era.
  • Mings served as a professor at ASU from 1970 to 1997. His teaching included world regional geography, Latin America, recreation, and research methods. He helped found and remains active with the Arizona Geographic Alliance.
  • AviƱa's research focuses on twentieth-century Mexican history.
  • Casey teaches a variety of History and Religious Studies courses. His research focuses on the history of religion and politics in Latin America.
  • Palka is an archaeologist, anthropologist, and ethnohistorian of indigenous religions, art, and cross-cultural contact in Mexico and Central America.
  • A historian of Brazil, Prof. Goodman teaches a variety of courses on Brazil and Latin America. His research focuses on race, ethnicity, and nation in Brazil through the lens of German migrants and their descendants.