Profiles in "Evolution and Developmental Biology" Expertise Area

  • Stone's specialization and main area of interest is anthropological genetics. Her current research focuses on population history and understanding how humans and the great apes have adapted to their environments.
  • Kenrick's research integrates applies models from evolutionary biology and cognitive science to study the effects of fundamental social motivations on cognition, economic decision-making, and social behaviors.
  • Williams studies physical anthropology: transplantation and Native American genetics and epidemiology.
  • Dr. Donovan has taught various chemistry and biology courses for Arizona State University for the past 14 years and is actively involved in research and curriculum development for online courses in particular.
  • Alan Rawls is the Executive Director of Clinical Partnerships in the Office of the University Provost and Associate Professor of Genomics, Evolution and Bioinformatics in the School of Life Sciences.
  • Cartwright is a geneticist who develops computational and statistical methodologies to explore evolutionary questions.
  • Alcock taught at ASU from 1972 to 2008 during which time he focused on courses in animal behavior and introductory biology. His research dealt with insect mating behavior although he also became interested in plants.
  • Linksvayer studies the evolution and genetic basis of social complexity in social insects.