Profiles in "Biology Education" Expertise Area

  • Cayle Lisenbee has a true passion for teaching. He plays active roles in curriculum development, laboratory safety, science program expansion, and community outreach.
  • Brownell is a neuroscientist turned full-time education researcher, who explores how to create more inclusive undergraduate biology learning environments.
  • Orchinik is a neuroscientist who studies how stress alters behavior, brain function, and the endocrine system. He is also interested in science education research, particularly in how undergraduates learn core concepts,
  • Sagar joined ASU West's faculty in 2003.
  • As a Teaching and Learning Specialist Principal, Tiffany works with the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and the School of Life Sciences (SOLS) Graduate Programs
  • Dr. Kingsbury is a Teaching Professor in Anatomy and Physiology, and Associate Dean. He also serves as the director of the STEM Teaching Global Intensive Experience in Costa Rica.
  • The focus of Carla Firetto's research examines individual difference and mechanisms of learning to facilitate students’ high-level comprehension of complex texts and content.