Profiles in "Psychophysiology" Expertise Area

  • Roberts studies emotion and emotion regulation using cultural and biological (psychophysiological) approaches. She studies clinical and neurological populations, couples, stress and sleep.
  • Burleson earned her doctorate in psychology (behavioral neuroscience program) from ASU in 1994. Her postdoctoral training was at Ohio State University. She joined the ASU faculty in 1997.
  • Blais directs the EEG lab in the Psychology department. There, he helps train faculty and students on how to incorporate EEG techniques into their research programs.
  • Tang directs Health Neuroscience Collaboratory and focuses on neuroscience of cognitive, physical & mental health and behavior change across lifespan using neuroimaging, physiological, psychosocial, genetic methods.
  • Dr. Lum explores human factors psychology with an emphasis on human-technology interactions.