Profiles in "Couples" Expertise Area

  • Roberts studies emotion and emotion regulation using cultural and biological (psychophysiological) approaches. She studies clinical and neurological populations, couples, stress and sleep.
  • Waldron's primary focus areas are related to family dynamics, child development, and aging. She is also the internship liaison for The Washington Center. She regularly presents to community groups.
  • Cassandra Cotton is a family demographer whose work investigates family dynamics and kinship in sub-Saharan Africa, and romance and dating among older adults in the US.
  • Olson is the co-director and assistant professor for the MAS-MFT program. She has been a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist since 2011, serves on the MAS-MFT committee and currently lectures for the program.
  • Dr. Darrian McKiernan serves as Co-Director and Clinical Assistant Professor within the MAS-MFT program at Arizona State University.