Profiles in "Japanese" Expertise Area

  • Cynthia Padavano is an Instructional Designer with EdPlus's Instructional Design and New Media team. She is working with the Masters of Computer Science online program but has been a part of ASU since 2014.
  • Wilson specializes in the instruction of Japanese language, culture, and calligraphy. His research includes Japanese pedagogy and digital humanities.
  • Gahan teaches various levels of Japanese language.
  • After an undergraduate degree in literature and languages, Wong went to Japan and studied Japanese and taught English, followed by graduate study in Japanese literature in the U.S.
  • Tomoko Shimomura is a Senior Lecturer in the Japanese Program at the School of International Letters and Cultures. She is a coordinator of the Japanese language program and teaches all levels of Japanese language courses.
  • William Hedberg's primary research focus is the literature and culture of early modern Japan, and his current project centers on the reception of late imperial Chinese fiction during the Edo and Meiji periods (17th-20th c.).
  • Katayama teaches different levels of elementary Japanese.
  • Suhara has been teaching Asian religion and culture courses at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Arizona, and Arizona State University. His works have been published in multiple Japanese journals.