Profiles in "Russian" Expertise Area

  • Croft founded and led the ASU Critical Languages Institute from 1991-1997. He received lifetime professional achievement medal from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in 2005.
  • Livingston has studied 13 languages, worked as teacher, translator (avionics), and yoga instructor. He oversees study abroad programs, designs computer-aided language learning materials, and strums the guitar.
  • Von Hagen was an Emeritus Professor of history and global studies with a joint appointment in the School of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies and School of International Letters and Cultures at ASU.
  • Moldabekova's research interests include heritage and second language pedagogy, including theoretical and practical issues of teaching heritage language learners.
  • Dr. Jonathon Hill is a mission planner at ASU's Mars Space Flight Facility.
  • Olenina specializes in Russian literature and visual culture, as well as media theory with an emphasis on performance and embodied spectatorship.
  • Oginska has been teaching Introductory and Intermediate Polish at ASU since 2008. She is also a member of the faculty of Barrett, The Honors College.