Profiles in "International Economics" Expertise Area

  • Troy G. Schmitz is Director of the Morrison School of Agribusiness in the W. P. Carey School of Business. His areas of expertise include global agricultural trade, food policy analysis, food security, and data analytics.
  • Jose Mendez's research focuses on issues related to international trade and development.
  • Ambassador O’Donnell retired from the career U.S. Foreign Service in 2007, after 33 years in Latin America, German-speaking Europe and other positions in Washington, D.C. He is currently a Professor of Practice at ASU.
  • Mark Seasholes conducts research in the field of financial economics, focusing on trading behavior and asset prices around the world.
  • Grosse is a leading author on international business and on business in Latin America.
  • Professor Gamso's research and teaching focus on global political economy and international development.