Profiles in "Personal Finance" Expertise Area

  • Arthur Budolfson's research areas include international finance, investment security analysis and portfolio management, and personal finance.
  • Hoffman returned to ASU in 1993 as a faculty associate and is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Finance at the W. P. Carey School of Business. His main emphasis is personal finance.
  • Mr. Sadusky has over 45 years of private sector experience in the banking, finance and investment fields. That includes consumer and commercial lending, residential and commercial real estate and personal investment advising
  • Debra Radway serves as trustee and investment advisor on irrevocable trusts and provides financial planning advice to clients nearing or in retirement.
  • Kim is a senior program manager for the Youth Entrepreneurship team within Edson E+I. Her background is in K12 education and finance. She has been a certified CTE business teacher since 2008.