Profiles in "Software Development Methodologies" Expertise Area

  • Allen Lee is a computer scientist and full-stack software engineer building software to support open, reusable computational social science with a focus on collective action experiments and complex adaptive systems modeling.
  • Collofello leads the school’s student recruitment and retention, career development and placement, K-12 programming, new curriculum development, accreditation and oversight of Fulton Difference programming.
  • Dr. Flory has an interdisciplinary scientific background with a BS in physics, seven years industry experience, and a PhD in biological design. He works with faculty to develop proposals and manages three DOE funded projects.
  • Fainekos is currently working in the area of cyber-physical systems, robotics and autonomous vehicles.
  • Responsible Innovation Lab facilitator, Senior Product Manager in the Enterprise Technology Office, Responsible Innovation Capstone professor, WPC MS-ISM graduate student.
  • Olson is co-creator of CritViz, an online framework for supporting real-time critique, conversation, and peer ranking of creative work in the classroom. Olson co-directs the Digital Culture Summer Institute.