Profiles in "Community Sports" Expertise Area

  • Jonsson centers his research on the intersections of culture, politics, ritual, and history.
  • Jeffrey Kassing is a professor of communication studies. His research interests include organizational dissent, coach-athlete communication, fan/athlete use of social media, sport and identity, sports media and soccer.
  • Terry Shoemaker is an Assistant Teaching Professor in Religious Studies interested in current changes occurring in religion in America and the topic of religion and sport.
  • Mean's research focuses on the intersection of identities, sport, gender and sexuality, ideology and culture, discourses, language and representational practices across multiple sites and levels of enactment.
  • Allison Poulos is a behavioral scientist who conducts community-engaged research, with an emphasis on physical activity as a source of health and well-being. 
  • Brooks is the Director of the Global Sport Institute at ASU. As a scholar, he is primarily interested in youth and sport; inequality in sport, coaching and leadership; and community based sports interventions.