Profiles in "Community Sports" Expertise Area

  • Jonsson centers his research on the intersections of culture, politics, ritual, and history.
  • Jeffrey Kassing is a professor of communication studies. His research interests include organizational dissent, coach-athlete communication, fan/athlete use of social media, sport and identity, sports media and soccer.
  • Terry Shoemaker is a Assistant Teaching Professor in Religious Studies interested in current changes occurring in religion in America. He researches broadly religion in various sectors of life like sports, popular culture, and public life.
  • Mean's research focuses on the intersection of identities, sport, gender and sexuality, ideology and culture, discourses, language and representational practices across multiple sites and levels of enactment.
  • Allison Poulos (Ross) is a community-based health promotion researcher who focuses on physical activity in school and neighborhood settings as a source of health and well-being among youth.
  • Brooks is the Director of the Global Sport Institute at ASU. As a scholar, he is primarily interested in youth and sport; inequality in sport, coaching and leadership; and community based sports interventions.