Profiles in "Anthropology of Religion" Expertise Area

  • Astor-Aguilera specializes in Mesoamerican religions and currently conducts holistic interdisciplinary ethnographic investigations of cenote-sinkholes and their associated religious ritual production amongst the Maya peoples.
  • Carr's areas of interest include: archaeology, prehistory of eastern North America, religious rituals and knowledge, mortuary practices, and art.
  • Steadman's research area is sociocultural anthropology: kinship; religion; witchcraft;and Papua New Guinea
  • Alexander Henn works on the cultural and religious encounter between Europe and India, in particular Catholicism and Hinduism. He also specializes on the study of rituals and the current debate about the history and theory of the concept of 'religion'.
  • Juliane Schober is Director of the Asia Center and Professor of Religious Studies at ASU, specializing the the anthropology of religion.
  • Haines co-directs the Center of Muslim Experience in the U.S. As assoc. prof. of religious studies and cultural anthropologist, he studies marginal communities, Islamic values of peace, community well-being and lived ethics.
  • Koss studies sociocultural anthropology: medicine and spirituality, and ethnographic research.
  • Cassel is trained in the historical and theoretical interaction of science, philosophy, and religion and does research in the evolutionary origins of religion.