Profiles in "Anthropology of Religion" Expertise Area

  • Astor-Aguilera specializes in Mesoamerican religions and currently conducts holistic interdisciplinary ethnographic investigations of cenote-sinkholes and their associated religious ritual production amongst the Maya peoples.
  • Carr's areas of interest include: archaeology, prehistory of eastern North America, religious rituals and knowledge, mortuary practices, and art.
  • Steadman's research area is sociocultural anthropology: kinship; religion; witchcraft;and Papua New Guinea
  • Henn joined ASU in 2005.
  • Juliane Schober is Director of the Center for Asian Research and professor of religious studies at Arizona State University.
  • Haines is co-director of ASU's Center of Muslim Experience in the U.S. and associate professor of Religious Studies. As a cultural anthropologist he researches on marginal communities and Islamic values of peace, community wellbeing, and lived ethics.
  • Koss studies sociocultural anthropology: medicine and spirituality, and ethnographic research.
  • Cassel is trained in the historical and theoretical interaction of science, philosophy, and religion and does research in the evolutionary origins of religion.