Profiles in "Russian and East European Studies" Expertise Area

  • Fellner is a three-time Fulbright Scholar (Latvia, Moldova and Bulgaria) and four-time Fulbright Senior Specialist (North Macedonia, Indonesia, Lithuania and Latvia).
  • Clay studies the religious history of Russia and Eurasia, the Eastern Christian tradition, confessional identities, new religious movements and the spiritual marketplace in the Russian Empire and its successor states.
  • Dr. Stoff specializes in Russian, East European, women's and gender history and studies, and the history of war and society, with a specific focus on the First World War and revolution in Russia.
  • Laura (Popova) Jakubczak has been at ASU since 2006 and specializes in the archaeology and paleoecology of Russia.
  • Schmelz's areas of expertise include 20th- and 21st century music; Russian, Ukrainian, and Soviet music; music in the Cold War; popular and experimental music; film music; music and politics; and sound studies.
  • Brown is the director of ASU’s Melikian Center, currently (2021-22) on research leave at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. His research and teaching focus on the Western Balkans in global context.
  • Specializes in the Second World War, the Soviet Union, and War and Society. His current interests include the Great Patriotic War, memory studies, journalism, censorship and propaganda.