Profiles in "Science Studies" Expertise Area

  • Aliya is an anthropology PhD student, Fulbright alumna, and NSF Graduate Research Fellow. She studies exclusionary practices in academia with a focus on graduate education and training.
  • Sterner uses methods from philosophy and social science to investigate how knowledge systems can better address wicked problems. His current projects focus on biodiversity data, modeling, governance, and philosophy.
  • David Agruss specializes in Victorian literature and culture.
  • Moran's current research investigates how methods in the physical sciences provide a foothold for thinking about the materiality of knowledge production in feminist theory and practice.
  • John Nelson is a Ph.D. student studying the anticipatory governance of emerging technologies, the design of U.S. public research institutions, and the roles of expertise and knowledge in democracy.
  • Merid is the director of the Digital Health and Racial Justice Lab at SFIS.