Profiles in "Policy and Society" Expertise Area

  • Swadener 's research focuses on internationally comparative social policy, with focus on sub-Saharan Africa, impacts of neoliberal policy on local communities, and children's rights and voices.
  • Tepper is a leading writer and speaker on U.S. cultural policy. His work fosters national discussions around topics of cultural engagement, creative work and careers, art, democracy, and the 21st century creative campus.
  • Christi Jay Wells is a musicologist and interdisciplinary scholar in the fields of jazz history, popular music studies, dance studies, and arts & cultural policy.
  • Michael researchers the socioethical implications of emerging technologies with an emphasis on national security. She has a particular interest on the technological trajectory of implantable technologies.
  • Ben Gansky is a PhD student in the Human & Social Dimensions of Science & Technology Program at SFIS. Ben researches issues pertaining to democratic tech governance; data theory, politics, & governance; & participatory civics
  • Adam studies the policy processes associated with public infrastructure investment, particularly the relationship between the design of the institutions responsible for water infrastructure and system sustainability.