Profiles in "Race and Ethnicity" Expertise Area

  • Jacqueline (Jackie) Martinez (they/she/he) is Professor of Communication and Faculty Head of Languages and Cultures at Arizona State University, and the President of the Faculty Women of Color Caucus at ASU.
  • Jacquelyn Scott Lynch specializes in developing and teaching honors pedagogy and curricula, designing student and faculty mentoring platforms, advising national scholarship applicants, and leading international education programs.
  • Sadowski-Smith works in border and migration studies. She has published "The New Immigrant Whiteness: Race, Neoliberalism, and Post-Soviet Migration to the United States," "Border Fictions," and "Globalization on the Line."
  • Jackson is committed to expanding the current knowledge base of multiracial identity to help social workers and other helping professionals work more inclusively and responsibly with multiracial individuals and families.
  • Michelle received her PhD in Family and Human Development at ASU and is currently postdoctoral research scholar working with Dr. Nilda Flores-Gonzalez on the Arizona Youth Identity Project.
  • Dr. Cook-Deegan's research interests include science policy, health policy, biomedical research, cancer and intellectual property.
  • Dr. Sandoval currently researches celebrations of DAY OF THE DEAD in the U.S. in order to examine how the holiday has developed from ancient MesoAmerican ritual to American popular culture.
  • Yellow Horses' research focuses on understanding how larger social forces "get under skin" to generate health inequities for racialized and minoritized peoples.