Profiles in "Geochemistry" Expertise Area

  • Buseck is Regents Professor in ASU's Schools of Molecular Sciences and Earth and Space Exploration. His research interests are environmental/analytical geochemistry, cosmochemistry, and solid state geochemistry/mineralogy.
  • Anbar is an ASU President’s Professor, expert in Earth's evolution as an inhabited world. He pioneers digital learning innovation as Director of ASU’s Center for Education Through Exploration.
  • Shock studies how geologic processes have geochemical consequences that enable biological responses through fieldwork in extreme ecosystems, hydrothermal experiments on organic transformations, and modeling of water-organic-rock-microbe systems
  • Herckes is a Professor in ASU’s School of Molecular Sciences. His research areas include analytical, environmental and atmospheric chemistry.
  • Hartnett has joint appointments in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the School of Molecular Sciences. Her current research interests are in the areas of biogeochemistry, astrobiology, and organic geochemistry.
  • Gould is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, with research interests in hydrothermal organic chemistry, geomimicry and chemical education.
  • Hervig uses the elemental and isotopic chemistry of earth and extraterrestrial materials to deduce their origin and evolution. The main analytical tool he uses is secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).
  • Gordon applies isotope analysis to study the history of early Earth paleoredox, and human isotope variations, including cancer, metabolism, bone loss, and geographic residence history for forensic purposes.
  • My PhD work explores the diverse chemical environments generated through water-rock interactions and their implications for the habitability of rock-hosted systems.