Profiles in "Geophysics" Expertise Area

  • Ed Garnero studies the deep and inaccessible regions of the Earth and planetary bodies using seismology, a branch of geophysics. He wants to understand the dynamics and evolution of our planet as a whole.
  • Dan Shim's research interests are centered on the physical and chemical properties of materials at high pressures and temperature, and the structure and evolution of Earth and planetary interiors.
  • Ramon Arrowsmith studies active faults, topography, and the geology of earthquakes. He teaches Field Geology these days and is currently the School of Earth and Space Exploration's Associate Director for Operations.
  • John is a seismologist and has been an independent software developer and an electrical engineer specializing in data communications and instrumentation. He is currently a research specialist in SESE working with Ed Garnero.
  • Li uses numerical simulations to investigate the structure, dynamics and evolution of the Earth and other planets, and the surface expressions of deep mantle processes.
  • Kevin is a PhD candidate and NASA FINESST FI. His primary research interest is the formation, evolution, and potential habitability of icy moons.
  • I am a planetary geophysicist who studies the interior and shallow subsurface of the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. My primary goal is to help us understand how planets form.