Profiles in "Petrology" Expertise Area

  • Hervig uses the elemental and isotopic chemistry of earth and extraterrestrial materials to deduce their origin and evolution. The main analytical tool he uses is secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).
  • Astrobiologist, paleontologist, sedimentologist & petroleum geologist He helped establish the fields of Astrobiology & Exopaleontology, redefined NASA's exploration strategy into: the search for life is the search for water
  • Melanie Barboni is an isotope geochemist/igneous petrologist whose research focuses on understanding magmatic systems, both on Earth and other planetary bodies.
  • Mara is a 4th year PhD Candidate whose research uses microscopy to study the effects that impacts in space have on the mineralogy of meteorites. She also studies the likely mineralogy of exoplanets using stellar compositions.