Profiles in "Latin America" Expertise Area

  • Ripley's major fields of study are international relations and comparative politics with an emphasis on U.S. foreign policy, international political economy, security studies, and Latin American politics.
  • Morehart is an environmental anthropologist, an ethnobotanist/paleoethnobotanist, an archaeologist, and a Latin Americanist.
  • Nelson has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles in top academic journals, as well as Latin American case studies in the Thunderbird case series that are staples in business schools across the country.
  • Christiane Fontinha de Alcantara's scholarly interests center on how cultural artifacts reflect systems of inequality and injustice, while also providing models for how to fight inequalities and transform our communities.
  • SolĂ­s works at the intersection of academic research, public engagement, participatory spatial technologies in service to resilience, sustainability, and international development and humanitarian challenges.
  • Maria Anguiano, Executive VP of Learning Enterprise at ASU, envisions universal access to education through scalable models. She is a first-generation college grad.