Profiles in "Videography" Expertise Area

  • Jason Drees is a Multimedia Developer Lead at Decision Theater. In this role, he designs and develops visual, multimedia, animation, and graphic elements that enhance scientific communications.
  • Ricardo Leon is a MultiMedia Developer for EdPlus and co-creator and co-host of Course Stories. Ricardo has been in media production for education for nearly two decades.
  • Award-Winning Producer and Composer. 15 year industry veteran in the Commercial/Film/TV industry as well as Live Events.
  • I've been a full time photographer and videographer for 10 years now, working for various universities in the Phoenix valley, such as UAT, ATSU, and now ASU. My entire career has been dedicated to showing people in the best p
  • Sasha is a Ph.D Astrophysics student who's primary interests include superconducting device design, low temperature physics, and interesting quantum phenomena that can be utilized in a novel device.
  • Contributing to The College Drupal distribution in an effort to continue improving the web presence of college entities.