Profiles in "Art and Ecology" Expertise Area

  • Paine has a joint appointment in interactive sound and digital media in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering and in composition in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre at ASU. He directs the Acoustic Ecology Lab @ ASU.
  • Sha's research concerns ethico-aesthetic improvisation, and a topological approach to morphogenesis and process philosophy.
  • Erika Lynne Hanson is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and educator whose work utilizes craft technologies to address more-than-human ecologies.
  • My theory-driven research explores deep histories of technological systems (textual, visual, and audio) in ecological, scientific and social contexts. My creative practice blurs false boundaries between language and art.
  • Jesse Ortiz serves as an academic advisor to undergraduate students within the Department of English.
  • Heather Green's research examines more-than-human encounters in the intertidal and ecological narratives of abundance and loss on a small headland in the Gulf of California in Sonora, Mexico.
  • Zach Santa Maria assists the Human Resources Department for Knowledge Enterprise at Arizona State University as a Department HR Visa & Immigration Specialist.