Profiles in "Atmospheric Processes" Expertise Area

  • Herckes is a Professor in ASU’s School of Molecular Sciences. His research areas include analytical, environmental and atmospheric chemistry.
  • PhD student in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. Member of the Urban Climate Research Center. Researching extreme heat and human health, particularly in indoor environments.
  • Michael Line studies the atmospheres of extra-solar planets and brown dwarfs with the goal of understanding their compositions, climate, and origins.
  • Saira is a PhD candidate and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in Geological Sciences. Her research interests span from planetary interiors to planetary atmospheres with a focus on volcanism.
  • Katrina Bossert is a space physicist who studies dynamics in the near-Space region. She uses optical remote sensing instrumentation to look at coupling between the lower atmosphere and thermosphere-ionosphere system.
  • Morris' research explores the microphysical and chemical evolution of airborne particles (e.g. mineral dust) in planetary atmospheres with applications to climate change, air quality, aerobiology, and environmental justice.
  • Megan is an Astrophysics PhD student at the School of Earth and Space Exploration. Her research interests include thermodynamic studies of exoplanet atmospheres, exploring this with experimental work in cosmochemistry.