Profiles in "Decision Making" Expertise Area

  • Johnston’s research focuses on policy informatics, the study of how computational and communication technology is leveraged to specifically understand and address complex public policy and administration problems.
  • Armendt is a philosopher who works on rational decision making and the epistemology of rational belief. He also works on causality, and on patterns of social interaction among individuals.
  • Emeritus Professor, curriculum developer, professional speaker, Organizational Development leader, and agent for positive change
  • John Fowler served as the department chair of supply chain management from 2011-2016. Expertise Areas: Decision Making, Healthcare Supply Chains, Modeling, Supply Chain Management, Transportation.
  • Dan Mazzola is a Clinical Professor at ASU, focusing on IT Leadership and active in community tech initiatives.
  • Erzhena is a UX designer with experience leading both agile software team and design teams. Her focus is on transforming unnecessary complexity in sciences and technology into accessible and user-friendly experiences.
  • Robert St. Louis teaches classes on information management, and conducts research in the areas of document search, management control systems, and evidence-based decision making.
  • Pavlic works in interdisciplinary decision-making problems in natural and artificial autonomous systems. He was the founding associate director of research for The Biomimicry Center at ASU.
  • Dixie Gammage 232A