Profiles in "Mathematical and System Dynamics Modeling" Expertise Area

  • Nam has worked in research and development with the aerospace industry as well as in academia.Currently, his research focuses on development of nonlinear reduced order aerodynamic/aeroelastic models using a new RMI/ERA.
  • Syrotiuk studies complex engineered networks. Her primary interests relate to medium access control (MAC) in wireless networks, and dynamic optimization of radio/network parameters for the operating environment.
  • Crook uses computational approaches to study the dynamics of neurons and networks of neurons. She also contributes to an international collaboration for describing, exchanging, and validating complex models.
  • Kang's primary research interests are mathematical biology and nonlinear dynamical systems theory with applications in biology, life and social sciences.
  • Mayyas' current research interests include motion planning and motion control of automated drive system, shared mobility, vehicle automation & connectivity, and energy optimization of connected and automated electrified-vehicles.
  • Pavlic works in interdisciplinary decision-making problems in natural and artificial autonomous systems. He was the founding associate director of research for The Biomimicry Center at ASU.
  • Banerjee has been teaching at ASU since 2012, including both in-person and online classes over a wide variety of courses, such as Enhanced Freshman Math, College Algebra, Brief Calculus and Math for Business Application.
  • Peet's current research interests are in the role of computation as it is applied to the understanding and control of complex and large-scale systems.
  • Dr. Lockhart is the Inaugural MORE Foundation Professor of Life in Motion Professor in the Biomedical Engineering program in the School of Biological Health and Systems Engineering at Arizona State University.